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Homework Due Dates

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Homework Due Dates
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Due Dates for Homework


Week 2:

        Timeline of European contact

        Paper: "Influence of Hudson Bay                             Company on Early Society"   

Week 3:

        Reenactment of French and Native American trading


Week 5:

        Paper: “The impact of the American Revolution on Canada.”


Week 7:

        Debate: “Louis Joseph Papineau vs. William Lyon Mackenzie.”


Week 9:

        Mock Confederation


Week 10:
        Paper: “Influence of the Railroad on National Unity.”


Week 12:

        Project: “Life on the Battlefield and on the Home front during WWI.”


Week 13:

        Presentation: “Impact of WWII on Canadian Society.”


Please note that a lot of class time will be spent on completing these assignments because they are an integral part to multiple intelligences learning.