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Homework and Attendance

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Homework and Attendance
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Homework and Attendance Policies



          Because this is a multiple intelligences classroom there will be some individual work that will be required to be completed outside of class time. Therefore, homework completion will make up 10% of the students’ final grade. Every time homework is not completed and the student does not have a valid excuse there will be a deduction of 2 points off of the final grade. This is a very important policy because if students do not have the required work completed than they will not be prepared to participate in class. This would be a detriment not only to that student but to all of the other students in the classroom.



        Implementing multiple intelligences learning into the classroom increases the importance of participation during class time. For this reason participation will be graded and given a value of 15% of the final mark for this class. Participation will be graded on the degree of involvement that you have during class time and on classroom attendance. A penalty of 2% will be deducted from the final grade for each class missed without a valid excuse.



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